Art on a Dish at Small Things Considered

If you’re interested in microbiology, you are probably already reading Elio Schaechter’s blog Small Things Considered. It is hosted by the American Society for Microbiology. If you are not reading it yet, here is a great reason to start: Art on a Dish.

Ancient rock art’s colours come from microbes (BBC News)

A very interesting story about the contribution of microbes to the colours of these ancient artworks.

Ancient rock art’s colours come from microbes A particular type of ancient rock art in Western Australia maintains its vivid colours because it is alive, researchers have found.

Click here to read the BBC story

Thanks to visitor […] on Alexander Fleming’s germ art

Head over to and see Painting With Penicillin: Alexander Fleming’s Germ Art by Rob Dunn, which includes a link to

Magazine articles in Muy Interesante (Spain) and OK (Italy)

Two very nice articles with several microbial art images have appeared in the magazines Muy Interesante in Spain (July 2010, p.110-114) and OK in Italy (July 2010, p.104-111). I haven’t been able to find online versions, but check them out if you have access to these publications.


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New Scientist has put together a small collection of artworks under a category they call “Eco Art“. This includes an image by Daro Montag, who is a featured artist here on Microbial Art.

Microbial Art covered in The Daily Beast

A nice article in The Daily Beast, The Deadliest Art Ever by Jaimie Etkin.

Stunning images by Daro Montage in new featured gallery

Click here to see the most recent featured gallery, with images created by Dr. Daro Montag.

A nice write-up about Niall Hamilton’s art at Mycorant.

Head on over to Mycorant and see a nice write-up about Niall Hamilton’s microbial art!

New gallery by Seed Magazine

See the latest gallery of images from the site at Seed Magazine, Life imitating life by Greg Bousted.

“Living Light” by Hunter Cole

Some new and interesting work by Dr. Hunter Cole.

“Living Light: Photography by the Light of Bioluminescent Bacteria”

Click here to see a gallery. Just one example: