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[YoutubeFancyZoom=28goA0zA6PA] Living Drawings” by Dr. Hunter Cole. For more of her videos, visit her YouTube Channel.
[YoutubeFancyZoom=N-rEcC04ZCk] Clip from 6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia by JoWOnder. For more of her videos, visit her YouTube Channel.
[YoutubeFancyZoom=oZU9GgA9Nus] Music by Milton Mermikides derived algoritmically from the DNA, colour, and shape of microbacterial colonies. Photography by Steve Downer under the scientific supervision of Dr. Simon Park.
[YoutubeFancyZoom=YSNM8FcKMCs] A clip demonstrating the creation of a glass sculpture, part of the beautiful Glass Microbiology series by Luke Jerram.
[YoutubeFancyZoom=KcHkm6HlxiU] Brief video showcasing the installations provided by the Gregory Lab to the This View of Life exhibit at the University of Guelph.
[YoutubeFancyZoom=Lc9Y4M5vvtE] Stop-motion videos of artistic experiments with the slime mould Physarum polycephalum by Heather Barnett. For additional videos, visit her YouTube Channel.
More video coming soon to our YouTube channel.


Microbe World, a 90 second podcast from the American Society for Microbiology. “Microbe Masterpieces” (2006-01-17) — Students in Dr. Ben Wise‘s microbiology class at Keene State College used pigmented bacteria as paint to create living works of art.
The Science Show on ABC Radio in Australia. At the British Association Science Festival in Guilford, Surrey, artists Heather Barnett and Anne Brodie and microbiologist Dr. Simon Park explain how to use slime moulds and bioluminescent bacteria to produce works of art.