Dr. Simon Park

Dr. Simon Park is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey and teaches Bacteriology and Molecular Biology. His activities, and practice beyond scientific research, are driven by the misconception that microbiological life is primitive and always detrimental and his conviction is that collaborations with artists can lead to powerful concepts through which the true and sublime nature of the microbial world can be communicated in ways that transcends the usual forums offered by newspaper headlines and popular science magazines. In this context, he has been widely involved in many collaborative projects with artists. Collaborations funded by the Wellcome Trust include “Six Days of Goodbye Poems of Ophelia” with artist JoWOnder and “Exploring the Invisible” with artist Anne Brodie.

Be sure to visit Dr. Park’s blog Exploring The Invisible for many fascinating examples of microbial art.

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