Feature in the journal Science, Nov. 6, 2009:

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See also Art that smells like a lab by John Bohannon, science writer for Science, at his blog Gonzolabs.

Masterworks in petri dishes, image gallery posted on New Scientist, Dec. 11, 2009.

L’arte? Roba da microbi by Maurizio Pesce, image gallery posted on Wired Italy, Dec. 21, 2009.

Making art from bacteria by Katie Scott, image gallery posted on Wired UK, Dec. 22, 2009.

Life imitating life by Greg Bousted, image gallery posted on Seed Magazine, Jan. 28, 2010.

Paint by microbes by Andrew Vowles, @Guelph, Jan. 27, 2010.

I quadri dipinti con i batteri by Federica Maccotta, image gallery posted on OK (Italy), Mar. 15, 2010.

Living art by Britt Norlander, ScienceWorld, Apr. 19, 2010, p.3.

Putting art under the microscope… by Ross McGuinness, Metro (UK), May 3, 2010.

The Deadliest Art Ever by Jaimie Etkin, The Daily Beast, May 31, 2010.

Art from microbes by John Trux, Science Photo Library (UK), 2010.

Microbios con mucho arte by Abraham Alonso, Muy Interesante (Spain), July 2010, p.110-114.

Verso la vita artificiale by Lisa Vozza, OK (Italy), July 2010, p.104-111.

Further reading

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Fun stuff

Infectious Awareables (featuring designs by Niall Hamilton)

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