Susan Boafo

Susan Boafo is a Senior Lecturer for the BA (Hons) Photography program at the University College Falmouth in the UK, and a Research Associate in the Rane Research Cluster, which examines the relationship between the visual arts, science and ecological thinking. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and in 2007she was awarded a Daily Telegraph Visions of Science and Technology Photographic Award. As she describes her artistic interests,

I am to drawn towards processes that lie beneath surface, especially where the cultural meets the organic. I have explored connections between botany and empire, genetics and language, and genetic links across “race” and species. In recent years, I have been deeply engaged by the process of photosynthesis, particularly at the microscopic level where unicellular organisms create most of this planet’s oxygen. 

My research has resulted in an original method of working with single-celled, aquatic organisms in which they photosynthetically harness the Sun’s energy to create artworks. 

I am currently fascinated by Darwin’s thoughts on the links between these primitive life forms and the story of human evolution. This art practice reflects a growing awareness of my relationship with nature.

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