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Microbiota | Julia Krolik
November 30, 2010 – January 8, 2011
Union Gallery – Project Room
Kingston ON

Microbiota is a photographic installation that maps bacterial life in the city of Kingston. Blending microbiological protocols with artistic vision, the artist reveals invisible yet ubiquitous aspects of our shared environments. This collection of bacterial photographs from various locations in Kingston were sampled, cultured and photographed during the summer of 2010, and aims to raise public awareness of the unseen bacterial environment around us. Julia Krolik received a BScH degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Guelph. A recent placement in Clinical Microbiology combined with Biotechnology studies at St Lawrence College prompted her to raise questions about the way microorganisms are viewed and portrayed in our society. She also co-created Decomposing Pianos, an experimental music project that recently took part in this year’s Tone Deaf festival.

This post was submitted by Julia Krolik.

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