Slime moulds solve problem.

Very interesting study in which slime moulds are used to determine efficient maps among locations. See here!

Bacteria flashing in sync

From New Scientist:

Glowing bacteria that flash on and off together are pointing the way towards implants made of engineered cells that would deliver precise doses of drugs or hormones at specific times of the day.

The bacteria have been engineered to fluoresce in synchronised bursts to produce waves of luminescence – but the researchers […]

New Scientist gallery.

New Scientist has just posted a gallery of some of the microbial art images on their webpage. Click here to see which ones they selected.

More galleries available

Three outstanding new galleries have been added:

Dr. James Shapiro Susan Boafo Bioglyphs

And don’t forget to check out the other artwork under More art.

Even more great art.

The diversity of uses of microbes in creating art continues to amaze. I am pleased to introduce several more featured artists, including JoWOnder, Heather Barnett, iGEM Team Osaka, and Erno-Erik Raitanen. Niall Hamilton has also contributed even more amazing images, and be sure to see the list of more art that continues to expand.


More artists featured.

We are pleased to note that several additional artists are now featured on the site, including Dr. Jeff Tabor, Dr. Heather Cole, and Sir Alexander Fleming.


Microbial Art is now officially launched (but still under construction). Enjoy!